Home cinema with curved padded ceiling and built-in storage below the screen. Origins Design created the bespoke sofa seating

Home cinema and media rooms

Home cinema and media rooms

Media room in luxury show house Montem Square | origins Design
A large modular sofa upholstered in a deep red wine velvet sits at the centre of this modern home cinema room. Origins Design also designed and crafted the bar and built-in media wall for interior design client Coronado Interiors. Image credit: Coronado Interiors www.coronado.co.uk

What furniture to include in a home cinema or media room?

At Origins, we are skilled at working closely with our interior designer clients to understand how they want a home cinema or media room to function and flow.

When it comes to furniture, what do we recommend should be included?

Deep low level seating

Regardless of what the cinema room will look like, we believe the most important item of furniture is the seating. It’s important to get this right as it’ll be somewhere that the homeowner will want to spend chunks of time when using their media room or home cinema. Consider different types of sofas, from large corner or u-shaped sofas to modular or separate bespoke sofas that are large enough to lounge around on. Often we will craft custom made armchairs to match the sofas, to provide the homewoner a mixture of seating options. Due to access issues, modular seating is a great solution for home cinemas and media rooms. As they can be bolted together on site, stairs down to a basement cinema or a lift up to a top floor media and games room are not an issue. Once bolted together, the sections will not move and the sofa can be designed in such a way that the modular nature can be hidden. Seat cushions can also be full width or length to make a modular sofa look like one piece and disguise where the sections join.

A lot of thought goes into the ergonomics of the seating. The deeper the seat, the lower it needs to be and to make sure the seating does not dominate the room, we recommend setting the seating level at 400mm.  Most of the media room seating we make has a depth of approximately 1100mm and can be deeper to make the seat as comfortable as possible for movie watching. Ideally we would also recommend adding matching ottomans or footstools for the armchairs such as those we crafted in the project below for Fiona Brass Interiors.

As the comfort level requirements for a cinema room sofa are high, we use a combination of foams, felt, feathers and down to create the most comfortable sofa. We recommend that the seat cushions have a foam core with a feather pad, this way they do not need continually puffing up and will keep their structure, though we can do full feather too. Fabrics, colourways, and finishing touches such as piping and buttoning, will all tie in with the overall interior design scheme.

Bespoke home cinema room sofas and armchairs by Origins Design
Bespoke sofas and armchairs by Origins Design in a top floor home cinema and games room. Interior designer Fiona Brass Interiors www.fionabrassinteriors.com. Photographer Dominic Blackmore www.dominicblackmore.com

Tables and trays

Tables and trays are an important part of many cinema and media rooms that we work on. We like media room tables to have bespoke elements such as leather lined drinks trays that fit snugly on the top, or a metal inlay that picks up other elements of the colour palette in the space. A perfect table for a home cinema is one that can sit to one side or between seating with a removable tray so drinks and food can be carried backwards and forwards. We add locators underneath our trays to make them sit flush on the table joinery. These were particularly successful in the home cinema project above where the trays sat on tables between the armchairs.


Ottomans and footstools

Ottomans and footstools add to the comfort of a media room and are incredibly versatile. Not only can they be used for reclining and as a foot rest, they can work as coffee tables and storage. We recommend adding integrated trays to an ottoman to make additional table space if space is limited. The ottoman and tray are designed so the tray is integrated into the ottoman fitting neatly into the top. Ottomans and footstools can also be designed to be pulled up to an armchair or sofa to make a chaise or a bed.  An ottoman with hidden storage is often a great place to store extra throws, controllers for any media system or gaming consoles, or just books and magazines.

Home cinema with curved padded ceiling and built-in storage below the screen. Origins Design created the bespoke sofa seating
A long bespoke sofa with matching ottoman footstools and built-in leather panelled storage units by Origins Design for this private home cinema.

Built-in equipment and storage

Every home cinema or media room needs clever solutions to house the myriad of wires, AV equipment, gaming consoles, and controllers etc. We would recommend planning a built-in media centre in the home cinema, which would incorporate wiring so its in the best position regarding plugs, hide the cabling too so it’s not visible and make sure the screen or TV is at the perfect angle for the best view. Our clients can decide on the type of material, whether the TV will be hidden from view or on display, how many cabinets, drawers or shelves they need and where things like remote controllers, any DVDs or games will be stored. Everything from door handles, finishes, heights and functionality will be fully customised to suit their needs.

Acoustic panels

To help improve the sound quality and deaden any echo, a home cinema will require acoustic panels. As we have both joinery and upholstery workshops, we craft individual panels and full paneling for media rooms. Our team build the frames and fit them with sound absorbing insulation before upholstering them. Installation of a fully paneled room will normally take place ahead of any furniture delivery but individual panels can be fitted by our team when they are delivering and installing all the furniture in the space.

Drinks and snack station or home bar

A drinks station or a bar is a good idea if there will be lots of entertaining going on in the home cinema. A drink and snack station can be simply a small cabinet in the corner of the room, a trolley that can be wheeled out whenever it’s needed or a fully built-in home bar. Shelving, refrigerator space and cupboards to keep everything neat and tidy needs to be considered as well as materials, lighting and whether it is a dry or wet bar. Home bars are on the increase in the home and the owners of the house below wanted to include one in their media room. Read about the media room project below that we completed for Elie Jones Interiors in our Portfolio.

Home cinema with bespoke sofa, home bar and bespoke joinery by Origins Design in a stylish Esher home.       Bespoke bar in media room by Origins Design | bespoke furniture maker       Bespoke sofa and scatter cushions by Origins Design | Bespoke furniture maker


At Origins, we want to give our clients the very best design ideas so they can have the home they want and in a way that suits their needs. It’s important to make sure that the room eventually works for the client and is practical, functional, yet relaxing and comfortable. The home cinemas and media rooms we’ve designed and built bespoke furniture for often make a real statement and its great to help clients realise their vision. Have a look at our Instagram feed and Portfolio to see some of the spaces for yourself.

Get in contact today. We look forward to helping you bring to life your or your client’s ideas for a home cinema, and our technical design team and craftspeople are ready to discuss your project.