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Bespoke sofa beds

Comfort is the most important consideration when it comes to bespoke sofa beds. What else do you need to think about?

We have spent many years crafting bespoke sofa beds of all sizes, and sourcing and testing the best mattresses and mechanisms. We share our insights and tips.

Which sofa bed is best?

The best sofa bed is the one that fits your requirements. It is important to consider all the different elements, such as:

  1. Use – will it be used regularly, rarely, sporadically or for days/weeks at a time?
  2. Size – think about what size sofa fits your space and what size bed you want
  3. Style – does it have to match other furniture, and what is your interior design style?

Is it OK to sleep on a sofa bed every night?

The comfort levels of sofa beds have improved dramatically in the last 20 years, and especially since the introduction of memory foam mattresses. But if you want to sleep on your sofa bed every night, we would recommend a pocket sprung mattress. Our bespoke sofa beds come with luxury pocket sprung mattresses that are 12cm deep and designed to fold into the bed. The mattress rests on a metal frame with a strong strap and spring support sitting underneath. Two people can lie in the sofa bed without any sagging, even in a king size sofa bed. If you are looking for a luxury designer sofa bed for every day use, all our bespoke sofa beds are incredibly well-made and comfortable enough to sit on every day and sleep on every night.

Can bespoke sofa beds be for every room of the home?

Yes, bespoke sofa beds are suitable for every room of the house. Every sofa bed we make is both a very comfortable sofa and a very comfortable bed. They can be used every day as the principal bed in a home, apartment or pied-à-terre. Or for occasional use in a spare room for extra guests and visitors, or where you may need to bed down from time to time. Bespoke sofa beds are also invaluable additions to a nursery or a young child’s bedroom particularly as an additional bed when children are unwell and parents want to stay close.

We often craft bespoke sofa beds for clients who want their additional reception rooms – i.e. games rooms, cinema or media rooms, home offices – to be flexible and available as a spare room should a guest want to stay over.


Origins Designs Bespoke Sofa in a deep blue velvet with yellow piping
We designed and made this four seater bespoke sofa for a clients’ media room and incorporated a comfortable king-size sofa bed into the left hand side


Which sofa bed mechanisms are best?

We have spent many years sourcing and testing the mechanisms for our bespoke sofa beds. The mechanism we use is a completely flat mechanism with a steel base and it is very easy to use. Once the sofa seat cushions are removed, the system can then be unfolded to the correct position. As the mechanism opens, the seat back pulls forward and under, and the frame gently raises to create a level surface with the mattress on it. Our 12cm deep pocket sprung mattresses are designed to fold into the bed and rest on a metal frame with a strong strap and spring support sitting underneath.

Are custom made sofa beds comfortable to use as a sofa every day?

The seating depth and seat cushions have the most impact on the comfort levels of a sofa. Check how deep you want the seating area of your sofa to be. The seat depth on our sofa beds is 1m, the same as our bespoke sofas. This means we we can use standard cushions over the mechanism and mattress. Our bespoke sofa beds look and feel like normal sofas, and they perform as well as them too.


Origins Designs Bespoke Sofa in a deep red velvet
This two-seater bespoke sofa bed is used on a regular basis in this pied a terre. Our pocket spring mattress and steel frame ensures continual comfort.

Can I get a king size sofa bed? Or a corner sofa bed?

Yes, but check that the mechanism is strong enough to support the width of a king size bed. Our bespoke sofas beds can be any size and each one is custom made to fit the space and requirements of our clients. We can make sofa beds from a single bed (armchair) size up to large-scale sofas or corner sofas with king size beds. The mechanism, frame and mattresses of our bespoke sofa beds are very strong and well-made. Two people can lie in the bed without any sagging, even in a king size sofa bed.

Can I get a sofa bed and armchair set?

Absolutely. Most manufacturers offer armchairs to match their sofa beds. Each sofa and sofa bed we manufacture is custom-made to fit the homeowner or room, taking care to match the interior design and décor. We can easily design and make smaller and larger sofas, armchairs, love seats, ottomans and foot stools to match.

What is the best shape, style or design for a sofa bed?

Bespoke sofa beds are custom made, so it is no surprise that they can be in any width and size. The only restrictions are the size of the bed required and the access route to where the bespoke sofa bed will be. The thickness and shape of the arms are designed to fit the style of the owner and their home. When it comes to colour, shape and decorative details, a bespoke sofa bed should either complement or accentuate the interior design scheme. The fabric, trim and finish choices we offer are endless, and our upholstery team can create a shape and style to fit any interior. To complete the look, extra scatter cushions can be created to match the sofa.



How we craft our bespoke sofas and sofa beds:

We design and manufacture our bespoke sofas and sofa beds at our workshops in Esher either to the instructions of an interior designer or the homeowner. Our highly experienced joinery and upholstery teams work closely together to achieve the vision of the designer and client.

Each sofa is custom-made to fit the homeowner or room, taking care to match the interior design and décor. Most of our bespoke sofa beds are upholstered in fabric, suede or leather. As each sofa bed is tailored to the needs and desires of each customer, they are all different.

If you want to discuss your or your customer’s vision for a bespoke sofa bed, our technical design team and craftspeople are ready to discuss your project. Please get in contact or have a look at our Instagram feed to see the timeless bespoke furniture we have made for our clients.